II Chinese Cooking Helpful HintsII
  • Before beginning preparation of any dish read entire recipe making sure you understand each step and that all ingredients are available. 

  • The Vegetables should always be fresh for Chinese food.

  • Chop and cut all ingredients to uniform size as indicated. They will cook evenly and have a better appearance. 

  • If meats are partially frozen you will find them easier to cut. 

  • In recipes calling for chicken stock you can use canned chicken broth or your own basic stock recipe. Freeze leftover stock in ice cube tray for future use. One cube equals two tablespoons of broth. 

  • Make sure you do not overcook the vegetables. They should be heated through but remain crisp and/or firm. As a general rule, when the color of the vegetable intensifies, proceed to next step in the recipe. 

  • Prepare all ingredients, sauces, pastes, thickeners, etc. in advance. Make sure everything is handy before beginning the cooking process. 

  • If you crush garlic cloves first, it makes the skin easier to remove. 

  • Mix cornstarch in cool liquids. This will prevent lumping and always stir mixture immediately before adding to wok.