Jain Daily Prayers

Jain Daily Prayers

The Daily Prayer

One of the most important Jain prayers is the Namaskara Sutra which praises the five great beings of Jainism:
I bow down to those who have reached omniscience in the flesh and teach the road to everlasting life in the liberated state.
I bow down to those who have attained perfect knowledge and liberated their souls of all karma.
I bow down to those who have experienced self-realisation of their souls through self-control and self-sacrifice.
I bow down to those who understand the true nature of soul and teach the importance of the spiritual over the material.
I bow down to those who strictly follow the five great vows of conduct and inspire us to live a virtuous life.
To these five types of great souls I offer my praise.
Such praise will help diminish my sins.
Giving this praise is most auspicious.
So auspicious as to bring happiness and bliss.

The prayer of forgiveness

खामेमि सव्वजीवे सव्वेजीवा खमंतु मे।
मित्ती मे सव्वभुएसु वेरं मज्झ न केणई॥

अर्थात मैं अपनी भूलों/त्रुटियों आदि के लिए सब जीवों से क्षमा याचना करता हूँ। मेरा किसी के प्रति बैर या शत्रु भाव नहीं है।

Khamemi Savva Jive, Savve Jiva Khamantu Me,
Mitti Me Savva Bhuesu, Veram Majjham Na Kenai.

The prayer of forgiveness begins by forgiving all beings for anything.
I grant forgiveness to all living beings
May all the living beings please forgive me.
I have friendship with all the living beings.
I have no hostility towards anyone.

A modern Jain prayer expresses the same idea:
If shot by a gun or pistol, or beaten by a stick,
if bound and thrown into a prison,
May I lose my body,
but not my noble forgiveness.

Universal Peace Prayer

उपसर्गाः क्षयं यान्ति, छिद्यन्ते विघ्नवल्लयः।
मनः प्रसन्नतामेति, पूज्यमाने जिनेश्वरे।।

Upsargah kshayam yanti, Chhidhyante vighna vallayah,
Manah prasanna tameti, Pujya mahne jineshware.


The true seeker of the Self-possesses the seven cardinal virtues namely; compassion, peace, equanimity, forgiveness, truthfulness, renunciation, and non-attachment to worldly relations and objects. These qualities keep him constantly vigilant.

राग, द्वेष, अज्ञान ए, मुख्य कर्मनी ग्रंथ।
थाय निवृत्ति जेहथी, ते ज मोक्षनो पंथ।।

Raga, dvesha, ajnana e, mukhya karma-ni grantha,
Tthaya nivrutti jeha-thi, te ja mokshano pantha.


Attachment, Hatred, and Ignorance of Self are the three principal reasons for the bondage of karma to the soul. The path that diverts away from karma is the true path of liberation.

Divine Gratitude Prayer

अज्ञानतिमिरान्धानं, ज्ञानाञ्जन शलाकया ।
नेत्रं उन्मीलितं येन, तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ।।

-योगशास्त्र - आचार्य हेम्चंद्रसुरि

Ajnanatimirandhanam, jnananjana Salakaya.
Netram unmilitam yena, tasmai Sri gurave namah.


A healing paste (the medicine of true Knowledge) has been applied. Now my inner eyes are open. To the Master who helped me, who removed the layers of ignorance and enabled me to see rightly, I humbly offer my appreciation and gratitude.

Universal Friendship Prayer

शिवमस्तु सर्वजगतः, परहितनिरता भवन्तु भूतगणाः।
दोषाः प्रयांतु नाशं, सर्वत्र सुखी भवतु लोकः ।।

Shivmastu Sarva Jagatah,Par hit nirata bhavantu bhutaganaha.
Doshaha Prayantu Nasham, Sarvatra Sukhi bhavatu lokah.


May the entire universe be blessed; May all beings engage in each other’s well-being. May all weakness, sickness and faults diminish; May everyone everywhere be healthy, peaceful and happy in all respects.