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Happy Holi

On the fifth day of the dark half of Phalgun the feast of Color is celebrated. The festival marks the end of the year according to the Indian calendar, and the spirit of festivity is alive in every Hindu household. It is celebrated throughout India in early spring with cheer and gaiety. Holi comes when the cold winter months give way to summer. It takes place over two days around late February or March........... Read More

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All at the Sea...


Blue Whale
  • The Blue Whale is the heaviest animal on the earth, it weighs more then 25 elephants.
  • The tongue of a blue whale is the size of an elephant.

......What is unusual about the way a Fish sleeps??

They sleep with their eyes open ! 

Star Fish
  • A Starfish can turn its stomach inside out.
  • Starfish have no brain – they’re just a bag of nerves.
Jellyfish are more than 95% water. They have no heart, bones, or brain, and have no real eyes. Yet the largest jellyfish, the Lion's Mane jellyfish, can reach 8 feet across with 200 feet long tentacles. Jelly Fish
Ocean Life


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