Pitra Paksha - Shraddh Calendar 2018
श्राद्ध कलैन्डर: 2018

Pitra Paksha - Shraddh Calendar

Pitra Paksha, also known as Mahalay, is a period of fifteen days. It is the time designated to give devotion or to offer respect to the dead and departed ancestors of the family. These; Fifteen days are called " Pitra Paksha", or most popularly known as "Shraddha (श्राद्ध) or Shradh" days. They are also called by the name of "Kanagat." The dark half of Ashwina (September-October) is observed as Pitra Paksha throughout the Hindu world.

Mahalaya Amavasya is the most important day of Shraddh. On this day Shraddh can be performed without looking date, tithi, nakshatra etc. It is known as Sarva Pitru Shraddh.

Pitra Paksha - Shraddha Calendar 2018




September 24 Poornima  Shraddha पूर्णिमा श्राद्ध
September 25  Pratipada Shraddha प्रतिपदा श्राद्ध
September 26  Dwitiya Shraddha द्वितीया श्राद्ध
September 27  Tritiya  Shraddha  तृतीया श्राद्ध
September 28 Chaturthi Shraddha चतुर्थी श्राद्ध
September 29 Panchami Shraddha पंचमी श्राद्ध
September 30 Shashthi Shraddha षष्ठी श्राद्ध
October 01 Saptami Shraddha सप्तमी श्राद्ध
October 02 Ashtami Shraddha अष्टमी श्राद्ध
October 03 Navami Shraddha नवमी श्राद्ध
October 04  Dashami Shraddha  दशमी श्राद्ध
October 05 Ekadashi Shraddha  एकादशी श्राद्ध
October 06 Dwadashi & Trayodashi Shraddha द्वादशी श्राद्ध
October 07 Chaturdashi Shraddha त्रयोदशी व चतुर्दशी श्राद्ध
October 08 Sarva Pitru Amavasya सर्वपित्रू अमावस्या

Types of Shraddha :

There are 12 types of Shraddha in the Hindu religion.

  1.  Nitya Shraddha
  2.  Neimitik Shraddha
  3.  Kaamya Shraddha
  4.  Vriddhi Shraddha
  5.  Sapindan Shraddha
  6.  Paarvann Shraddha
  7.  Goshtth Shraddha
  8. Shurdhyarth Shraddha
  9.  Karmaang Shraddha
  10.  Deivik Shraddha
  11. Oupcharik Shraddha
  12. Saanvatsarik Shraddha