There are certain utensils and other tools, which are found in all traditional Indian kitchens. It is true that most of these are required for making delicious Indian dishes.


A wooden rolling board and rolling pin known as Chapati rolling pin and board is used for rolling out thin, perfectly round breads from dough.


Long, flat tongs with blunt edges, used for making chapatis.

Chamach :

A spoon used for eating soups, curries etc.


Sieves varying measures.


A large bowl shaped stone mortar and pestle. It performs functions like grinding (pessana), crushing (masalnna) and mashing.

Idlee Steamer:

Known as Idlee panai in Madras (Chennai) region, consists of a aluminum or stainless steel post to which three or four circular trays with indentations 1/2-inch deep and 3-inches in diameter are attached. The entire apparatus is placed in a large pot containing water, covered, and then steamed.

Kulfi Ka Sancha:

The Indian ice-cream molds (Kulfi sancha) are 3-inch-long, cone shaped molds used for making kulfi, the Indian ice-cream. They come in two materials - Aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum molds are better , because Kulfi freezes better and faster in them.


A deep, wide mouthed vessel with handles on both sides. It is used for deep-frying and making dishes.


A spoon with long handle used for stirring and serving dishes.


A small metal bowl used for serving curry dishes, puddings etc.


A wide plate with boundaries with for making dough's.

Patila :

A suitable metal cooking pot used form making curries, boiling etc. Made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

Mathani :

 A wooden hand-whisk; used for whisking milk, buttermilk or curd for various drinks and curried dishes.


It is another popular mortar and pestle. The flat stone bed (sil), from 12-18 inches long and 11/2-2 inches thick rests on the work surface. The batta is hand handled stone roller, which is worked back and forth across the base. Usually made of sandstone or granite, the surface of sil is cut with pattern of shallow ridges or a design to create friction for the batta.


A pair of scales for weighing ingredients.


A curved cast iron griddle used for preparing Indian breads like chapati, paratha.


 A metal platter with a low rim, used for serving meals along with katori.


A clay oven used for baking Indian breads.