Potatoes - Aloo Recipes

Potato known as Aloo (आलू) in Hindi. Potatoes are the world's most widely grown tuber crop, and the fourth largest crop in terms of fresh produce . Nutritionally, potatoes are best known for their carbohydrate content. Potatoes are staple component of Indian cuisine. Indian food is almost incomplete without potatoes. We here present some of the authentic mouthwatering potato delicacies.

Jhatpat Chatpate Aloo
Dahi Aloo
Dum Aloo
Mathura ke Dubkiwale Aloo
Lajawab Aloo
Mazedaar Aloo
Aloo Parantha
Tandoori Aloo Paratha
Shahi Aloo Koftas
Kadai Aloo
Potato Chaat
Aloo Tikki
Aloo Bonda
Potato Raita
Potato Pulao
Stuffed Potatoes
Cottage Cheese stuffed Potatoes
Whole Spice Potatoes
Aloo Dum Awadhi