Hindi Proverbs - Page 3

Hindi Proverb, Hindi Kahavat

Okhali mein sir diyaa to musal se kya Darana.

English : If you have put your head into the mortar then why fear of the pounder.
Meaning : If you have started a difficult task, don't bother about what's going to happen.

Hindi Proverb

Oont ke Muh mein Jeera.

English : Small cumin seed in a camel's mouth.
Meaning : Too small an amount for a very large need.

Hindi proverb

Pratyakshya ko praman ki aavashykta nahi

English : Facts don't require proof to stand correct.

Hindi proverb

Sar Salamat, to Pagdi hazaar.

English : If your head is intact, you can have a thousand turbans.
Meaning : In troubled times, save your head first, your possessions should not be your priority. You can buy worldly things anytime later.

Sau sunar ki, ek lauhar ki

English : A single blow of a blacksmith is equal to a hundred blows of a goldsmith.
Meaning : The power in one blow of hammer used by blacksmith equals hundred blows of hammer used by goldsmith.

Sau Chuhe Kha Kar Billi Haaj Ko Chalee

Naach na jaane aangan tedha

English : Two swords do not fit in one scabbard.
Meaning : Two of a trade seldom agree

Sawan ke andhe ko sab hara hi hara nazar aata hai.

English : One who goes blind in spring, sees only greenery all around
Meaning : Used for people who fail to see reality, especially dire circumstances when they have lived through prosperous times.

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