Hindi Proverbs - Page 3

Hindi Proverb, Hindi Kahavat

Jahan Chah Wahan Raha

English : If Where there is a will there is a way.
Contributed by : Sujit Singh

Hindi Proverb

Chor Ki Daadhi Mein Tinka

English : A speck in the beard of a thief
Meaning : If you have done something wrong and you are trying to hide it
Contributed by : Tanya Shah

Hindi proverb

Kala Akshar Bheins Barabar

Hindi proverb

Aant Bhalle ka Bhalla

English : All is well what ends well.

Apna Hath Jagannath

Aage Kuan Peeche Khaee

Unchi Dukan Pheekay Pakwaan

Aage Kuan Peeche Khaee

Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante

English : The thief blaming the cop
Meaning : Guilty person accusing the innocent

Ek Anar Sau Bimar

Meaning : Same thing wanted by lot of people

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